unTill® is a Point of Sale (POS) software solution for the hospitality industry that is unlike any other. This system was designed for ease of use by minimizing the number of user screens to navigate. This also makes setting up new products and departments simple. Combined with handheld technology, unTill® allows you to increase levels of customer service by speeding up the process of getting your customers’ orders to the kitchen.

100 years of practice bundled into one system…

unTill® bvba is a fast growing Belgian company that has developed various tools for more efficient management of all types of hospitality businesses. Be it cafés, pubs, sport clubs, fast food or star restaurants, all can make use of this computerised systems. The heart of it all is a touch-screen software package called unTill®. 100 years of combined practice was bundled into this package. When you take a closer look at the software, the term “user friendliness” suddenly gets a completely new dimension. Also, during its development unTill® bvba took into account that, in general, the expertise of catering managers lies in the gastronomical field rather than in IT. Therefore, this was clearly translated in the final product. A demonstration of several frequently used functions such as splitting bills, transferring tables, adapting prices or adding new products will immediately indicate this.

Constant development protects your investment…

We at unTill® realise all too well that the hospitality market is very trendy and is evolving constantly. We have therefore consciously chosen to give the unTill® software package a dynamic quality, i.e. regular package “updates”, so your system can grow along with the market and its needs. This means you will never have to work with an outdated package. UnTill® customers and distributors also have the right to submit feature-requests. These are then completed in order of importance. These new versions are made available to customers with a service contract. However, if the customer wants additional specific software, this is also possible and we will be happy to provide you with a specific offer. There is no better guarantee for your investment!

A qualitative and fast service via a local distributor…

unTill® bvba only sells its products via a network of professional distributors. They are carefully selected and are only recognised if they meet the quality norms unTill® imposes on them. They are obliged to follow extensive courses in the “unTill® Training Centre” and to be present at regular follow-up sessions. They must have trained technicians at their disposal. They are responsible for building your first ‘database’ or product file. This is done after intensive discussion of your working method and the menu. It is also a regulation that, before being supplied to the customer, each new project must be tested and function smoothly in-house in its complete set-up for at least 48 hours. Our distributors are responsible for a specific geographical area. This means you can always turn to someone local for helpdesk and technical support, which keeps costs and intervention time to a minimum. Nevertheless, they are in a position to offer full-service maintenance contracts, tailored to your business, if this is more convenient for you.

Sound training and guidance, an advantage for each party…

We feel very strongly about training and after-sale service. The distributor will make sure that someone will be standby on-site the first day of use of the new system, to make some immediate last-minute adaptations or to comfort your staff with some extra support and training.

unTill® : the obvious and smart choice!

Choosing the unTill® solution guarantees a smooth start-up and uncomplicated action of your IT system. unTill® adapts to your working method and not the other way round. Feel free to contact some of our customers to get our promises confirmed by a colleague who has already experienced the advantages of the system in practice. In view of all the advantages, choosing unTill® is indeed… the obvious and smart choice!!!

unTill® has been providing restaurant management software since 1982 and is internationally recognized with distribution in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, England, Holland, and 14 other countries. With over 9,000 satisfied customers worldwide, unTill® is the number one selling point of sale solution in the European market. The software was designed and built from the ground up with the intent to solve the most common pain points identified by restaurant management and staff.

The top priority of restaurant managers is serving their customers, and their point of sale should support that priority. However, management and staff often consider their point of sale more of a necessary evil. They’re essential to running a successful business and highly useful when they work properly, although learning to use them can be a genuine hassle. Training employees to use the system is time-consuming and costly. All but the most basic modifications require a visit from a database technician. And every time the dreaded server has a glitch it leads to mass confusion and lost revenue. Simply getting the right information onto the reports can be a challenge.

unTill® is more than just a point of sale; it is restaurant management software that managers and staff can fully rely on because it’s incredibly user-friendly, is highly customizable, and it simply works. It is the most innovative software solution available to the hospitality industry, engineered to mold to each unique business rather than forcing the business to fit the software. Thanks to an intuitive back office interface even a new employee can perform complex tasks that otherwise would require a visit from the geek squad. It is compatible with most mainstream hardware including the latest wireless handheld components and tablets. And no need to worry about server downtime, because the unTill® system does not require a central server! This makes it faster, more reliable, and more secure than any server-based system. In the end, the unTill® system offers management peace of mind and allows them to focus on more important things, like serving customers!