Whether you’re a start-up business, small independent retailer or a multi-store operation, MiniPOS has all the functionality you require to run your business efficiently and provide the control that is essential to success.

MiniPOS has been developed by retailers, for retailers and boasts an exceptional range of features and options to cater for all product types, stock control and sales transaction requirements so you can configure MiniPOS to fit your business.

Choosing the right stock control and EPOS package for your business can be a daunting prospect. Knowing that the software will handle your particular products and sales transactions correctly and that your staff will be able to work the new solution quickly and efficiently is crucial if your new system is to deliver the benefits and business control needed to succeed in the highly competitive retail industry.

MiniPOS has 15 years of development behind it and with an exceptionally talented design & development team together with input from our end-users and dealer network, we offer a powerful retail solution that is beautifully designed, simple-to-use and highly configurable to cater for all types of stock control and retail environments.